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Free Phone From a Computer!! International Reach

Without using other application software or you can call someone for free. here's how:go to after that just follow these stepsLearn how to call through evaphone:1. At first select the Indonesian Colum
2. In the second instance Colum contents: 6285225418xxx- 62 (Indonesia Country Code)- 21 (City Area Code)- 7654321 (Mobile Destination)
3. The system dials a number Agan press, however, there are video ads that have interlude Agan witnessed before you can be connected to that number. (Important nih!)
1. Limit calls that are limited per day. Agan will get information about it after the free call used exceeded.2. Call duration is limited and depends on which country Agan calling. This duration varies from 0:10 minutes to 4 minutes per call.
If Agan want a call with no restrictions, Agan can use premium services are offered with reasonable price, enough with the registration process.

Prepare Honda Motor Rp 5.3 Million

TOKYO, - Honda tried their luck in the motorcycle segment cheap. The world's largest motorcycle manufacturer has now reportedly is planning to make cheap motorcycle in developing countries.
By Tatsuhiro Oyama, Senior Managing Director of Operations-Motorcycle-Honda Motor Co., Honda will produce and sell motorcycles with 599 U.S. dollars (USD 5.3 million) in China starting next year. Motorbikes will also be marketed in Nigeria and Latin America to low-income consumers.
This strategy is carried out in order to compete with manufacturers from China and India very aggressively marketing their products today. "We want to encourage sales in this segment. Honda must be there (cheap motorcycle segment) can not be bypassed so that they (China and India)," Oyama said to Bloomberg.
The new product is expected to boost sales of Honda motorcycles continued to weaken in Japan, Europe and the United States.
Step aggressive competitors already shown by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited to launch two models in India, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Bajaj Auto Limited also raised its sales target by 30 percent. Meanwhile, China's leading manufacturers because of low component prices and full support from the government.
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The Secret Cause Dutch colonized Indonesia

Because A BOOK was then the Dutch could reach the archipelago and to the occupation of this rich earth for centuries? The book was titled Itinerario naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien, written by Jan Huygen van Linshoten in the year 1595. This is her story:

Long before Europe opened his eyes to find a new world, the indigenous residents nationwide live in peace. This situation changed dramatically when the Europeans began to arrive on the pretext of trade, but to bring combat troops equipped with weapons. It is ironic, a character who drives the wheels of world history into the pools of blood are two different popes. First, Pope Urban II, who waged a crusade to capture Jerusalem in the Council of Clermont in 1096. And second, Pope Alexander VI.

Crusade has unwittingly opened the eyes of Europeans about the civilization that is far superior than them. Europe experienced enlightenment due to contact with the people of Islam in this Crusade. It is a fact if long before dared to sail the oceans of Europe, Arab nations have been known worldwide as the intrepid traders who used to sail the ocean to the archipelago.

Even camphor which is one of the main substances in the ritual of embalming the Pharaoh in Egypt in the centuries before Christ, brought in from a small village called Barus, who was in the middle of the west coast of Sumatra. From this meeting of European civilization to know if there is one area in the south of the globe is very rich with natural resources, which do not exist anywhere in the world.

The country was filled with rubber, pepper and other spices, but it also smelled a European gold and precious stones that are stored in the stomach. The land is very friendly climate, and nature is very beautiful. This region we now know the name of the archipelago. Hearing all this wealth of Europe is very eager to find all the things that has not ever gotten.

Pope Alexander VI in 1494 to provide a formal mandate to the Catholic church to the Kingdom of Portugal and Spain via the Treaty of Tordesillas. With this agreement, Pope Alexander with arbitrarily divide the world outside of mainland Europe into two lots to annexed. Tordesilas demarcation line in the agreement that followed the circle of latitude of the Cape Verde Islands, beyond the two poles of the earth. It gives the New World is now called the Americas to Spain. Africa and India handed over to Portuguese.
Pope shifts the demarcation line to the east as far as 1170 kilometers from the Cape Verde Islands. Brazil also fell into the hands of Portuguese. Line robbery Europeans eastward far into the archipelago was divided into two. Spanish and Portuguese sailed to the West to the East, the two finally met in the Moluccas, the Banda Sea. Previously, if two competing power center to reproduce exactly the treasure robbery met at one point then they will fight, but when met at the Moluccas, the Portuguese and Sanyol try to refrain.

On September 5, 1494, Spain and Portugal made a pact that sets Saragossa anti-meridian lines or line connection on the half circle that went on line 1170 miles from Cape Verde. The line was located in the east of the Moluccas, in the vicinity of Guam.

Since then, Portugal and Spain managed to bring a lot of spice from the voyage. The whole of Europe to hear it and start vying to also send its fleet into new territory in the south.

When Europeans send a naval expedition to discover a new world, the understanding between trade, warfare, and the spread of Christianity there was hardly any difference.The mission of European imperialism was until now known as the "Three G": Gold, Glory, Gospel. All the rulers, kings, traders, that is in Europe talking about a very rich country south of this highway.

They are vying to reach the archipelago of the various channels. Unfortunately, it was not there a map of sea voyages as a whole and includes detailed route from Europe to the region called Europe as the East Indies. Map of European nations has just reached the Indian mainland, while the area on the east side was still dark.

Compared to Spain, Portuguese is superior in many respects. Portuguese sailors who are runaway leaders Templar (and founded the Knights of Christ), with strict secrecy seeks their latest maps which contain sea routes to Southeast Asia.

The maps when it is the object of the most hunted by many European kings and merchants. But like the saying goes, "smart-smart squirrel jump, eventually fall as well", so is with the map held secret Portuguese sailors.
A number of Dutch people who have worked long in Portuguese sailors know this. One of them named Jan Huygen van Linschoten. In 1595 he published a book called Itinerario naer ofte Portugaels Oost Indien, Travel Guide to the East or the Portuguese Indies, which includes a variety of maps and very detailed description of the cruise lines that made the Portuguese to the East Indies, complete with all its problems.

The book sells in Europe, but of course this is not like the Portuguese. The nation is to hold a grudge on the Dutch people. Thanks to this van Linschoten, Netherlands finally know the many problems faced by the Portuguese in the new territory and also the secrets of the ship and voyage route.

Employers and the Dutch authorities to build and refine sea fleet ships immediately, so that they could also plunder the world's wealthy south, and not inferior to other European kingdoms.

In 1595 the Netherlands sent a first expedition to the archipelago called the East Indies.The expedition consisted of four ships with 249 crew led by Cornelis de Houtman, a Dutchman who has long worked on the Portuguese in Lisbon. Approximately one year later, in June 1596, de Houtman landed at the port of Banten, which is the main port of trade in pepper in Java, and then along the north coast, stop in Sedayu, Madura, and others. Leadership de Houtman very bad.
She was in pride and besikap arbitrarily on indigenous people and also against fellow European traders. A number of conflicts caused him to lose a lot of boats and their crews, so that when it landed in the Netherlands in 1597, leaving him just three ships and 89 crew. However, these three ships full of spices and other precious objects.

Dutch people think, if a de Houtman who is not competent to lead alone could earn that much, especially if led by someone and the fleet that is far superior. Coming back to the team de Houtman cause a burning passion in many Dutch merchants to follow in his footsteps. Houtman trail followed by dozens or even hundreds of Dutch merchants who send their fleet to the East Indies. Within a few years, the Dutch had colonized the East Indies and it lasts a long time until the newly independent in 1945.

Installation AuraCms With Xampp version 1.5.4

1. Getting starteda. Xampp version 1.5.4 dowload Dowload auracms v.2.2.1 at But you must register first and then got an email confirmation that can be used to login as a member. And sedoooot ....auracms 2.2.1c. Getting started is completed.2. Install XamppAfter you download selanjunya work is put it on your computer. Clickwriting xampp-win32-installer-1.5.4. It will appear the image:

Select the installation language and click OK. You'll find greeting welcome to xamppWait a few moments. will appear asking you if your appearancewant to install xampp server.
You must click yes. If there are more questions click Yes.Congratulations yes, has managed to install xampp.Now open My Computer (right click start-> explorer). continue to open the C: \ Program Files \ xampp \ htdocs. In this htdocs folderyou create another folder with the name auracms2.21now you have successfully created a domain (http://localhost/auracms2.21). WithThis domain then you can access auracms. The next step .................2. Preparation warOnce the domain is formed, follow the following steps;a. Unzip (extract) files will display auracms2.2.1.rar auracms2.2.1.tar. Extractauracms2.2.1.rar. and copy-paste all files into the folder C: \ ProgramFiles \ xampp \ htdocs \ auracms2.21.3. Create a database and dumpOpen the browser (it's up to want to use IE, Mozilla, Opera or whatever). In the address bar type:http://localhost/phpmyadmin.
Now the box Create new database field (arrows), type the name of the database you wantyou have created (eg auracms). then click create.
 Now a database
has been formed with newauracms name. but stillempty.So, there are "sightings" again. click the Import menu.

hen came a page like in the picture:

Now click browse and locate the *. sql file. in the directory C: \ Program Files \ xampp \ htdocs \auracms2.21 -> if you have found click Open. then click GO. Wait a minute ....... andyou have managed to make the process of dumping her auracms mysql database.

4. Lastly, the web configurationWhy you know where are you going? Do not move first, stay a little right, bear. Create domains, mysqlplus dumping already, now living replace the existing parameters with the parameters you havesuch as: host, database, username, password for the MySQL server. As always, do not usemany procession (indeed play soccer ...) Simply open the file: config.php whichcontained in the directory C: \ Program Files \ xampp \ htdocs \ auracms2.21 \ include \ (can usedreamweaver or notepad. Do not use Ms. Word):follow these steps:

Confused? okay let me explain a little. For the default user is root, so fill root.danpassword blank. Why? See his help and readme xampp. The name of the database isauracms. Hemm, there must remember the steps to the three (make mysql and dump).To host whylocalhost, I myself was also confused. Wakaka ...:- D. Who else please tooling configuration tweakingown, God willing, you understand.5. Most end.Thank God, though not until the bloody end successfully the installation of an auracms v.2.2.1. To check if it works, we play abc .. yuk!a. Open the browser (IE, Opera, Mozilla et al)b. In the address bar type http:/localhost//auracms2.21. Press enter
You've managed to Install auracms. CONGRATULATIONS ....c. Now enter the admin manager. Enter the username: admin. password: auracms.

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Installasi AuraCms Dengan Xampp versi 1.5.4

1. Pesiapan awal
a. Dowload Xampp version 1.5.4
b. Dowload auracms v.2.2.1 di Tapi anda harus register dulu, baru kemudian mendapat email konfirmasi yang bisa digunakan untuk login sebagai member. Dan sedoooot.... auracms 2.2.1
c. Persiapan awal sudah selesai.
2. install Xampp
Setelah anda download pekerjaan selanjunya adalah memasangnya di komputer anda. Klik
tulisan xampp-win32-1.5.4-installer. Maka akan muncul gambar :

Pilih bahasa instalasi terus klik OK. Anda akan mendapati ucapan welcome to xampp. Tunggu beberapa saat. akan muncul penampakan yang menanyakan apakah anda mau menginstall xampp server.

Anda harus klik yes. Kalau ada pertanyaan lagi klik Yes.
Selamat ya, telah berhasil meng-install xampp.
Sekarang buka My Computer ( klik kanan start->explorer ). terus buka C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs. Di folder htdocs ini
kamu buat folder lagi dengan nama auracms2.21
sekarang anda telah berhasil membuat sebuah domain (http://localhost/auracms2.21). Dengan
domain ini nanti anda dapat mengakses auracms. Langkah berikutnya.................
2. Persiapan perang
Setelah domain terbentuk, ikuti step berikut ;
a. Unzip (extract) file auracms2.2.1.tar maka akan muncul auracms2.2.1.rar. Extract
auracms2.2.1.rar. dan copy-paste semua filenya kedalam folder C:\Program
3. Bikin database dan dump
Buka browser ( terserah mau pake IE, Mozila, Opera atau apalah ). Pada address bar ketik :

Sekarang pada kotak isian Create new database (anak panah) ketik nama database yang ingin
anda buat (mis. auracms). lalu klik create.
Sekarang sebuah database
baru sudah terbentuk dengan
nama auracms. tapi masih
Maka, ada ”penampakan” lagi. klik menu Import.

 Maka muncul halaman seperti dalam gambar ;
sekarang klik browse dan cari file *.sql. pada direktori C:\Program Files \ xampp \ htdocs \
auracms2.21 --> kalau sudah ketemu klik open. kemudian klik GO. Tunggu sebentar....... dan
anda telah berhasil melakukan proses dumping database mysql-nya auracms.

4. Terakhir, konfigurasi web
Lho lho mau kemana? Jangan beranjak dulu, tinggal dikit kok, nanggung. Bikin domain, mysql
plus dumping sudah, sekarang tinggal ganti parameter yang ada dengan parameter Anda punya
seperti : host, database, username, password untuk MySQL server. Seperti biasa, nggak pake
banyak giringan (memang main sepak bola...) Langsung saja buka file : config.php yang
terdapat dalam direktori C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\auracms2.21\include\ (bisa pake
dreamweaver atau notepad. Jangan pakai Ms. Word):
ikuti langkah berikut :

Bingung ? oke saya jelaskan sedikit. Untuk user defaultnya adalah root, jadi isikan root.dan
password kosongin. Kenapa? Lihat help dan readme-nya xampp. Nama database adalah
auracms. Hemm, tentu ada ingat langkah ke tiga (bikin mysql dan dump). Untuk host kenapa
localhost, saya sendiri juga bingung. Wakaka...:-D. Sedang konfigurasi lain silakan utak atik
sendiri, Insya Allah anda faham.
5. Paling akhir.
Alhamdulillah, walau tidak sampai berdarah-darah akhirnya berhasil melakukan instalasi aura
cms v.2.2.1. Untuk mengecek apakah berhasil, kita main abc yuk..!
a. Buka browser ( IE, Opera, Mozila dkk)
b. Pada address bar ketik http:/localhost//auracms2.21. Tekan enter

Anda sudah berhasil Menginstal auracms. SELAMAT ....
c. Sekarang masuk admin manager. Masukkan username : admin. password : auracms

Cara Menginstal Laptop Windows XP SP2 dari Flashdisk

Ini adalah cara meng-install Windows XP SP2 dari flashdisk, yang telah saya buktikan... dan berhasil!!Bagi teman-teman yang ingin mencoba silahkan ikutin langkah-langkah di bawah ini...
Selamat Mencoba!!
Berikut yang harus Anda persiapkan :

• CD Windows XP atau file image-nya (*.iso, *.nrg, dll) dalam HDD komputer anda.

• Flashdisk (minimal 1 GB)

• File usbbooting

Adapun langkah-langkahnya adalah sebagai berikut:

Langkah I yakni membuat flashdisk bootable dan dengan windows xp sp2 di dalamnya.

Langkah-langkahnya sbb:

1. Download file usbbooting dan extract di c:\usbbooting sehingga semua isi file dari rar tersebut masuk ke folder c:\usbbooting

2. Masukkan flashdisk yang akan digunakan.

3. Jalankan file usb_prep8cmd yang terdapat dalam folder c:\usbbooting sehingga akan muncul “Press any key to continue” lalu tekan tombol sembarang.

4. Setelah tekan tombol tadi akan tampil windows PeToUSB. Lalu klik start untuk memformat flashdisk anda, setelah selesai format jangan dulu ditutup window-nya.

5. Pada desktop, klik Start, pilih Run, ketik cmd (lalu tekan Enter).ketik CD\ (lalu tekan Enter)

6. Lalu ketik CD usbbooting sehingga akan menjadi c:\usbbooting kemudian ketik bootsect.exe /nt52 G: (G adalah drive USB anda).

7. Setelah itu akan muncul tulisan “Bootcode was successfully updated on all targeted volumes.” kemudian Tutup Command Prompt yang ini (jangan yang usbprep8 ya!!)

8. Tutup juga windows PeToUSB.

9. Pada windows Command Prompt yang usbprep8, tepatnya ditulisan Enter your choice : Ketik angka 1 lalu tekan Enter. Silahkan browse ke drive CD Windows XP

10. Ketik angka 2 lalu tekan Enter. Masukkan huruf yang belum terpakai untuk nama drive, misalnya T

11. Ketik angka 3 lalu tekan Enter. Masukkan huruf tempat drive USB Flashdisk anda. misalnya G

12. Ketik angka 4 lalu tekan Enter. Mulai Proses copy ke USB Flashdisk.

13. Setelah itu akan ada pertanyaan apakah anda ingin mengformat drive T. Ketik y lalu tekan enter. Kalo udah tekan enter lagi untuk melanjutkan. Trus tekan enter lagi. Nanti akan muncul popup, klik saja Yes. Klik yes lagi kalo ada popup yang muncul. Klik yes untuk melakukan unmount virtual drive. OK. Proses selesai. Silahkan tutup windows Command prompt usbprep8.

Langkah II yakni mulai meng-install windows xp sp2 dengan menggunakan flashdisk yg sudah kita buat td.

Langkah-langkahnya sbb:

1. Nyalakan laptop, lalu tekan F2 untuk masuk BIOS. Setting boot dari USB-HDD menjadi Booting nomor 1.

2. Setelah itu colokkan USB anda…lalu booting…kemudian pilih 1. TEXT SETUP bla bla bla…

3. Setelah komputer restart, selanjutnya pilih yang GUI Mode (JANGAN yang TEXT MODE!!)

4. kalau restart lagi, pilih lagi yang GUI MODE.

5. Nah, kalo instalasi XP udah selesai, jangan dulu cabut USB Flashdisknya!!! biarkan dulu masuk ke Windows XP.

6. Kalo udah masuk ke desktop XP, baru deh boleh cabut Flashdisknya.

7. Jangan lupa di “Safely Remove Hardware”.

8. Kalo XP-nya sudah running, jangan lupa masuk BIOS lagi dan kembalikan prioritas booting komputer anda, Hardisk (IDE-0) menjadi nomor 1.

Selesai. Terimakasih.

Smadav 8.3

Silahkan download smadav versi terbaru yang telah dirilis Oktober 2010 di
Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.3 : Penambahan database 40 virus baru, pembersihan semua varian virus shortcut, dan banyak fitur baru lainnya..
Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.2 : Penambahan database 80 virus baru, perbaikan false alarm, penambahan teknik heuristik untuk varian virus penginfeksi exe, dan beberapa perbaikan bug lainnya
Smadav 2010 Rev. 8.1 : Penambahan database 100 virus baru, Smadav Virus Scanner Engine terbaru (SmadEngine.dll), dan sudah kompatibel penuh untuk Windows Vista & Windows 7.
Smadav 2010 Rev. 8 dirilis dengan berbagai fitur dan penyempurnaan baru yang dikhususkan untuk pemberantasan virus lokal. Fitur-fitur itu seperti Smad-Behavior yang bisa mengenali virus lokal baru yang belum ada di database Smadav dari tingkah lakunya ketika menginfeksi sistem. Smad-Ray yang bisa melakukan scan flashdisk secara otomatis setelah terpasang hanya dalam waktu maksimum 5 detik. Smadav 2010 lebih stabil dan sangat disarankan untuk digabungkan dengan antivirus internasional karena Smadav hanya bisa menangani virus lokal. Pengebalan flashdisk (menggunakan folder autorun.inf) telah disempurnakan lagi dan sebelumnya akan ada konfirmasi sehingga Anda bisa memutuskan apakah suatu flashdisk ingin dikebalkan atau tidak.
Sebagai informasi, dari sampel-sampel virus yang di-upload pengguna ke situs, penyebaran virus lokal saat ini sudah mulai turun drastis di Indonesia. Mungkin ini dikarenakan sudah banyaknya antivirus lokal yang bisa membasmi virus-virus lokal. Dan juga karena pengguna Windows XP yang sudah berkurang karena sebagian sudah meng-upgrade sistem operasinya menjadi Windows Vista atau Windows 7 yang sangat aman dari infeksi virus khususnya virus lokal. Penyebaran virus di Indonesia lebih banyak didominasi oleh virus dan malware internasional yang tentunya tidak bisa diatasi Smadav. Anda wajib dan sangat disarankan menggunakan antivirus internasional untuk perlindungkan komputer Anda dari virus dan malware internasional ini.
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